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Gone are the days when modular construction was reserved for temporary, short-lease projects. This innovative form of construction has seen a dramatic rise in uptake over recent years, with more and more businesses looking towards modular as a permanent arrangement for their day-to-day work. More and more sectors are embracing modular, with industries including hospitality joining the trend.

So – what’s the story behind the trend? Whilst modular building processes typically require reduced labour compared to traditional methods, a focus on off-site building has continued to highlight some significant benefits:

  • Environmental Benefits: Events over recent years have highlighted the need for a cleaner, greener and more efficient approach to manufacturing and construction, and eco-conscious restaurants & other hospitality firms are reflecting this in their decision-making. SMARTBUILDs use sustainable materials whenever possible within a factory-controlled environment to ensure maximum compliance with environmental regulations.
  • A Branded Building: Modular construction is safer and more efficient. But it’s also a real head-turner for passing footfall and vehicle traffic. SMARTBUILDS allow hospitality businesses to achieve on-point branding with a stylish, professional-looking modular building that is totally bespoke and built around their brand.
  • Space for Growth: Modular buildings enable businesses to accurately predict and plan their future growth without the worry of time delays or unexpected costs. This means that if they want to expand on their kitchen or seating space, it’s easily done. Alternatively, space can be divided and reduced in the event of changing Coronavirus restrictions.

As you may have guessed, the Covid-19 pandemic has played a significant role in winning hospitality over to modular construction. Indeed, modular construction’s safety benefits have only multiplied since the outbreak of the virus, with social distancing and infection control continuing as top priorities.

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Here at KES Group, we’ve been bringing modular construction to exciting new places with our celebrated SMARTBUILD projects. And, whilst the benefits of offsite construction are well-known, we’d like to share some particular advantages for hospitality businesses, including restaurants and drive-thrus:

  • Fitted for Fast Production: Having a standardised design in your restaurant business encourages efficient and fast production lines, and this is clearly beneficial for a fast-food environment with drive-thru facilities. A drive-thru system can transform your efficiency, and modular construction can facilitate this like no other. Discover economies of scale with SMARTBUILD!
  • Adapt Your Restaurant: If you’re looking to add to your restaurant business with a drive-thru service, you will likely have to consider a custom retrofit, which can involve significant labour costs and troublesome planning permission. A modular restaurant building navigates many of these challenges, providing a bespoke layout, design and functionality that can be replicated and adapted across other locations.
  • Grow Your Restaurant: Forget waiting for months on-end on building your own restaurant. Modular construction can create multiple restaurant units simultaneously, boosting the rate of growth for any restaurant or hospitality franchise.

Forget temporary arrangements. SMARTBUILD projects offer a permanent home for your hospitality or restaurant business. When you work with KES Group, we’ve got your restaurant covered with water, gas and electricity connections; drainage, access ramps, fire alarms, data installation and even kitchen furniture & fittings.

We’re driving hospitality’s move towards modular with a number of exciting drive-thru restaurant projects. Check out our blog highlighting our work with Yum Yum’s Ice Cream Parlour, soon to be open and serving customers in Strabane!

Discover the Power of SMARTBUILD

With each and every one of our SMARTBUILD projects, we demonstrate that modular construction is the future. Find out more information about our SMARTBUILDS via our official FAQ page. Alternatively, to get started with your own modular construction project, contact us and a member of our helpful team will be pleased to assist!

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