Strabane Business Park, Melmount Road, BT82 9GU

It’s efficient. It’s beautiful. It’s the first on the island of Ireland! Here at KES Group, we’re excited to announce that we have been trusted to deliver Ireland’s first modular ice cream parlour. With this amazing project we’ve been happy to combine two things we love: offsite construction and ice cream!

Introducing Yum Yums Ice Cream – Northern Ireland’s first ever drive-thru ice cream parlour and the island’s very first modular gelato spot! Packed with colour and soon to be serving Strabane with delicious ice-cream, Yum Yums Ice Cream Parlour will be coming to 19 Lifford Road at Dolan’s Traveller’s Rest. Check out some pictures below:

We can’t wait to see the grand opening of Yum Yums, which will be offering ice-cream aficionados across Strabane a friendly walk-in and drive-thru service. 

The addition of a SMARTBUILD project to the Lifford Road area of Strabane will be a welcome development to local ice-cream lovers. As can be seen in the images, this modular construction project will feature full branding along red dibond bands, white renders and sleek anthracite facade panel.

It’s in the pipelines and already our mouths are watering for what’s in-store following the completion of the project. When the time comes, we’re inviting Strabane to discover modular construction by visiting Yum Yums to try an ice cream!

Excited? We knew it. You can stay up to date with all the new from Yum Yums by following the ice cream parlour on Facebook and Instagram.

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