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The educational world has undergone real transformation over recent years. The demands of teaching and learning have fundamentally changed. Schools are now facing new challenges with limited budgets, limited space and ever-changing class sizes. As educational leaders look for answers, modular construction has been consistently highlighted as an effective and efficient solution.

For many, the concept of modular buildings in education is nothing new – especially amongst those who were educated during the 90s when mobile classrooms were common. Whilst those old mobiles were dull and relatively unappealing as learning environments, things have changed for the better. Forget those grey, dreary mobile classrooms of the past – modular construction is leading the way in pioneering classrooms for the 21st century. 

 What is a Modular Classroom Building?

So – what is a modular classroom? Put simply, a modular classroom is an educational environment that has been built using prefabricated components which are constructed off-site and then installed on-location. Coming in a variety of sizes, modular classrooms can be used as stand-alone single classrooms or multi-classroom buildings. Modular classrooms are particularly popular in schools where space has reached capacity.

The Benefits of Modular Classroom Buildings

The benefits of modular classrooms are numerous:

  • Speed of Construction: Modular classroom buildings can be completed in a matter of days – a stark contrast to the length of time spent installing a brick-and-mortar building. Beyond the sheer speed of their construction, modular classrooms can also be built offsite – meaning that they won’t cause any disruption during busier times of the year. 
  • Temporary Solutions: The very nature of modular classroom buildings make them an ideal temporary solution. For example, modular classrooms can house students for when temporary swing space is needed during large renovation projects.
  • Permanent Solutions: Modular classroom buildings from KES Group offer the durability and longevity schools need to install a long-lasting and permanent solution. When you install a modular classroom, you can expect a lifespan of 60+ years. KES Group  to attend and repair if things ever go wrong!
  • Customisable Classrooms: Modular classroom buildings offer a level of customisation that is unrivalled – especially when compared to those dreary mobile classrooms of the past. Layout, mechanical components and other aesthetic options are extremely varied, allowing schools to plan bespoke learning environments that reflect the character and ethos of the school as a whole.
  • Grow Your School: The ultimate flexibility of offsite construction means that modular classrooms can easily be added onto an existing school structure. This provides an affordable alternative to schools who may be considering an extension on a tighter budget.
  • Versatility: The strength, durability and flexibility of modular construction offers a number of opportunities to schools. Beyond classrooms, schools can turn to modular building options for administrative offices, medical facilities, cafeterias, locker rooms, libraries, IT suites, medical areas and more. When it comes to modular buildings, the possibilities are endless. 
  • Effective and Efficient: Here at KES Group, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness and efficiency of our modular buildings. Our modular classroom buildings use sustainable building materials where possible. Every measure is taken to ensure energy efficiency (including thermowood cladding, triple-glazed glass and uPVC fascias).
  • Fully Equipped: Modular classroom buildings can accommodate all of the facilities your school requires, from plumbing and electrics to security and IT infrastructure. 

Forget the drab, dreary and dull mobile classrooms of your childhood. Modular construction has evolved and is now creating some of the most exciting learning environments out there.

Interested in seeing the KES Group team at work? Check out our awesome video below which shows off our brand new manufacturing facility in Strabane, Co. Tyrone…

Start Your Modular Classroom Project with KES Group

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