The intelligent design and construction of our SMARTBUILDS means there’s
nothing standing in the way of your success. Trust us – it’s what we do.


When you work with KES Group, you’re making an investment in the long-lived success of your business or organisation. We combine an unrivalled team of designers, engineers and fitters with highly-advanced manufacturing and construction methods to bring your corporate project to a successful conclusion.

But why do clients across the UK & Ireland place their trust in us? The answer lies in how success is embedded into each step of our design, manufacturing and delivery processes. Our commitment to excellence begins with a bespoke design and a comprehensive costing of your unit, which we carry right through to the end product. Depending on the requirements of our clients, standardised designs and methods can also be employed. The efficiency and building performance of our SMARTBUILDS are facilitated by designers and engineers who are on-hand to shape each project for a result that is intuitively unique to each individual client. At KES, we design, innovate and deliver.



Our workforce of specialist designers and engineers is readily available to shape each project for a result that is intuitively unique for each client.

A dynamic team of experts is on-hand to work within any spatial, operational or budgetary requirements to design SMARTBUILDS that are efficient across all industries.


At KES Group, we bring together unique design and innovative construction practices to offer an end product which transforms the lives of all of our valued clients.

Our manufacturing facilities represent some of the largest and most advanced seen anywhere in the UK & Ireland. Our quality assurance & control mechanisms guarantee a top-level standard in every project.


KES Group offers a fully project-managed service from beginning to end, with our complete after-sales support offering total peace of mind for our customers.

The strength of delivery is supported by the capabilities of our factory and its workers. We continue to invest in our staff and technologies, offering clients a level of service that is simply unrivalled.

Our experts build an in-depth understanding of client project requirements, challenges & constraints and propose solutions.
Our market-leading design team apply their creative expertise to develop a personalised and bespoke design for each project.
With full project management by KES, we deliver and crane your SMARTBUILD into position with installation carried out by our experienced team.
From final fix joinery to the installation of internal and external fixtures and fittings, KES Group takes care of your whole project from start to finish.
Design. Innovation. Delivery. Here at KES, we’ve been proud to lead our industry since our birth in 2009. Check out oUR Accreditations below.
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When you engage KES Group, you can proceed with peace of mind and confidence in the real advantages we can offer to your project. We design and construct dynamic, flexible and affordable buildings that are tailored precisely to the needs of each client. With our truly innovative SMARTBUILD, we can achieve feats of engineering design that traditional construction methods simply can’t. We offer an exceptionally efficient building envelope that doesn’t compromise on style.

Each of our designs are created on a personalised and bespoke basis, fully in line with the budgetary and operational requirements of the individual client.

We bring together a market-leading team of designers and engineers to deliver an end product that is efficient, functional and safe to use.

The versatility of modular construction provides an endless scope for design, with our SMARTBUILDS proving their efficiency in any sector, from education and healthcare to private industry clients.

We offer a truly innovative approach to construction, with modular construction offering solutions to a range of challenges faced by businesses and organisations across all sectors.

KES Group continues to invest in technology and in the skills and expertise of our employees. At KES, innovation is embedded into everything we do.

Our manufacturing facilities are some of the largest and most advanced seen anywhere in the UK & Ireland, with our quality control mechanisms ensuring the highest standards at all times.

The strength of our production facilities and expert staff allow us to manufacture SMARTBUILD buildings 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day in a climate-controlled environment.

We promote construction efficiency and environmental awareness by maximising transport networks to deliver large units with maximum factory time and minimum onsite time.

At KES Group, we believe in delivery across each stage of a construction project. That’s why we are proud to offer an after sales customer support service that is simply unrivalled.

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