Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

Support Scheme Renewable Heat

The government have launched a funded support scheme designed to increase the number of renewable sources used within the heat sector. The SSRH will assist Ireland in meeting its 2020 renewable energy targets whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The support scheme renewable heat incentive will consist of multi-annual payments on the basis of a prescribed tariff. The support scheme renewable heat will last for up to 15 years. 5.66 cents per kilowatt hour of energy produced from biomass heating will be the tariff in which the government pay. However, the tariff paid will reduce with increasing output reflecting the economy of scale associated with larger systems.

Support Scheme Renewable Heat Biomass

On a quarterly basis it is proposed that operational aid will be made to applicants for a period of up to 15 years. Clients will need to submit evidence of fuel and heat usage in order to obtain operating aid.

Eligible applicants include the following heat users:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Public
  • District Heating Schemes or other non-domestic heat users whose activities fall out of the EU Emissions Trading System.

What KES Group can do for you?

KES Group is Ireland’s only provider of the Austrian manufactured ETA Biomass Boilers. ETA boilers have a global reputation for performance and reliability. KES Group are a one stop shop when it comes to Biomass installations. We offer a wide range of ETA biomass boilers starting from a 7kW Boiler up to a 500kW boiler. Log, pellet and woodchip options are available, enabling you to make the best choice for your business or lifestyle.

Furthermore, KES Group supply Biomass prefabricated packaged plantrooms. Every Biomass Energi cabin is uniquely designed, installed and commissioned with biomass boilers to suit the specification job and location of your heating system. The Energi cabin range consists of the i-line cabin and the k-line cabin.

First of all, an attractive option for commercial and public users is the i-line cabin. A stylish, modern, fibre cement weatherboard completes the exterior of this cabin which is entirely maintenance free. The interior of the i-line cabin is complete with a plant room and pellet store, with one or more ETA boilers.

Secondly is the k-line cabin, this cabin is robust and durable and is an excellent option for clients in the industrial and agricultural sector. A powder coated aluminium completes the exterior of this cabin. It also contains one or more ETA biomass boilers with a fully automated fuel transfer system and buffer tank.

Never worry, our team of Energi specialists guide you through the entire process and pick a biomass heating system that will significantly benefit your organisation.

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