‘Heat for Hire’ Energi Cabin

KES Group have introduced the very first ‘Heat for Hire’ energi cabin. The ‘Heat for Hire’ boiler hire offers a fast and efficient project managed service at either a fixed monthly fee or a rate per kWh used. We offer a fuel supply on demand and a full training programme on request.

The ‘Heat for Hire‘ energi cabin contains:

  • Either an Oil or Gas boiler
  • Twin Wall Insulated Flue
  • Complete Mechanical & Electrical Fit-out
  • Heating & Domestic Hot Water Heat Exchangers
  • Integral BMS system with remote access
  • Combustion Air Louvres

These ‘heat for hire’ energi cabins come with easy maintenance and remote monitoring and control of equipment.

Boiler Hire

Our boiler hire service can cater for a vast range of applications and requirements. We offer a range of solutions to ensure you find the best possible heating solution for your premises. First of all, we can change the fuel type within a plant to suit your specific needs. Secondly, we offer a completely bespoke service whereby we will construct a heat for hire cabin to benefit your heating requirements. Finally, we can integrate our heat for hire plants to accommodate the requirements of the site.


  • The heat for hire plant can be easily transported to a new site with minimal disruption
  • Excellent solution for premises with limited space
  • Bespoke offerings – the energi cabin can be crafted to suit the specific requirements of your individual
  • Temporary heating solution – therefore, organisations won’t have to commit to a long term heating system



kesgroup‘Heat for Hire’ Energi Cabin

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