Why Choose a Prefabricated Packaged Plantroom?

Plantrooms, sometimes known as a mechanical room or boiler room, are a dedicated space in a building which contain the equipment for various services such as ventilation, electrical distribution and water. Typically, the size of the plantroom will be proportional to the size and type of building. For instance, larger buildings may have several plant rooms or a space that occupies more than one storey.

Additionally, the contents of a plantroom will differ depending on the nature and complexity of the services required. They may contain:

  • Boilers and thermostats
  • Refrigeration units
  • Water heaters and tanks
  • Water pumps
  • Gas pipework

Most buildings are equipped with a plantroom however, when creating a new workspace or planning an update to the original building, there is a new option to consider – prefabricated packaged plantrooms; a highly efficient and bespoke version of the traditional plantrooms found in the average building.

Prefabricated vs Traditional

While both prefabricated (also known as modular) and traditional construction begin in the same way in terms of planning, design and site approvals, this is where the similarities end. At KES Group, our Energi Cabin range is manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory before being delivered to the site. Following this, our team of experienced engineers will assemble the plantroom, providing a hassle-free customer experience for all clients.

Unlike traditional plantrooms, which have limited opportunity for changes and updates, KES Group provide businesses with the opportunity to create bespoke prefabricated packaged plantrooms. These are tailored to the individual needs of the business including the site, generator and fuel type. Choosing a prefabricated plantroom will also allow you to control the set up of the space, facilitating the easy maintenance and monitoring of equipment.

At KES Group, we are passionate about efficiency and so, we have developed a range of packaged plantrooms that are suitable for a range of fossil and renewable fuel configurations. Our modular packaged plantrooms include:

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Oil Boilers
  • Gas Boilers
The Benefits of Prefabricated Plantrooms

Prefabricated plantrooms are an excellent addition to any business as they offer a range of benefits to businesses, regardless of their sector or industry. In addition to providing the opportunity to create a bespoke space, tailored specifically to the clients needs, these modular buildings also provide further benefits such as faster build times and producing high quality spaces.

Faster Build Times

In contrast to traditional plantrooms, the construction of the prefabricated plantrooms takes place in controlled factory environments using convenient equipment which allows the building to be constructed in a shorter time period. Additionally, as the majority of the construction takes place indoors, bad weather delays can be avoided, and contractors have the ability to avoid any setbacks and reach daily build goals.

High Quality

At KES Group, we are passionate about providing highly efficient solutions to our clients and so, we developed our packaged plantrooms to facilitate this technology. Our plantrooms are fabricated to meet the same building standards as traditional structures, with each unit constructed using strict quality control. This ensures that all clients experience the same quality, durability and longevity with their prefabricated plantroom as would be expected with traditional builds.

Bespoke Construction

At KES Group, we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke prefabricated plantrooms, designed from scratch to meet the individual needs of the client. Our plantrooms are constructed in our Omagh factory and can be delivered assembled or part-assembled, depending on transport limitations and site access. A typical unit will include:

  • Single or double skin construction
  • Galvanised steel frame (including lifting points)
  • Steel plate floor
  • Powder-coated aluminium or fibre cement walls/roof
  • Insulation to all external walls
  • High spec doors

We can also help you complete the plantroom in a range of colours and finishes in order to meet aesthetic needs.

With these benefits, it is clear to see why prefabricated plantrooms are gaining popularity across various industries. As a pioneer in energy efficiency, KES Group deliver efficient and cost-effective performance for businesses. To find out more about prefabricated packaged plantrooms, contact us today.

natashamackayWhy Choose a Prefabricated Packaged Plantroom?

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