Biomass Plantroom Installation


Our brief was to replace the existing natural gas heating system and to provide a full design, installation and commissioning service of two ETA biomass boiler Energi cabins.

Wood Pellet Biomass Boiler

The ETA PE-K is equipped with a control system for the entire heating system. Whether you want to integrate a solar heating system, a conventional hot water preparation system or a buffer storage tank with fresh water module, whether the energy is transferred with radiators or via underfloor heating: everything is under control via a touchscreen on the boiler or also via computer or smartphone. Simple images show you if your solar heating system was successful or how full your buffer is. Therefore this biomass technology is the perfect solution for heating your commercial premises.

Biomass Boiler

  • ETA PEK 220kW
  • 2200 litre buffer storage
  • 16 Tonne Pellet Store
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