Biomass Plantroom Installation

Company Overview

Omagh based heavy haulage company Donnell and Ellis is reaping the rewards of switching to a biomass heating system. Heating their offices, warehouses and garages was proving difficult and expensive and heating was having a significant impact on their running costs. By switching to biomass energy, Donnell and Ellis were able to drastically reduce their heating costs and remove the threat of volatile fuel prices from this part of the business.

Biomass Energy

KES Group provided a full design, installation and commissioning service as well as handling all aspects of the accreditation process and providing an ongoing fuel and service contract. Biomass energy ultimately will allow Donnell & Ellis to significantly reduce their heating costs and create a steady stream of heat throughout their working premises.

Three ETA PE-K 90kW pellet boilers

  • Installed in a purpose built boiler hosue
  • Fully automated vacuum fuelling system
  • 16 tonne silo pellet store
  • Three 4000L buffer tanks
  • Full assistance with the NI RHI accreditation process
  • Commissioning and training in system use
  • On-going fuel and service contract

These boilers supply the heating system for 3,000m2 of warehousing and office space.

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