Castle Coole

Biomass Installation

KES Group have recently successfully handed over the installation of a Biomass Heating System at Castle Coole Enniskillen. This project is a milestone with the National Trust as it is the last Mansion House within the Trusts Control to change from fossil fueled heating systems to renewables. The previous heating system consisted of oil-fired and biomass boilers, both of which were at the end of their lifespan. Switching from oil to biomass gives the National Trust a more sustainable energy supply. This will reduce the use of fossil fuels and remove any environmental risks. By 2020, the National Trust have set targets to achieve a 20% reduction in its total energy use and to generate 50% of its energy from renewable sources. These targets are set to make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of the Trust’s place and to the environment. This project will send them on their way to achieving their renewable targets for 2020.

Biomass Heating System

KES Group were appointed principal contractor in the completion of all civil, mechanical and electrical works associated with the biomass heating system. The installation consisted of an ETA Biomass Boiler along with a 5000L Buffer vessel. This was utilised in this Design & Build Project along with a District Heating Pipe Network replacing three fossil fuelled oil boilers.

By choosing ETA biomass boilers, Castle Coole will benefit from:

    • High efficiency and self-activated cleaning
    • Remote access via ‘meinETA’ from PC, smartphone and tablet
    • Automatic ignition with reduce ventilation with external combustion
    • High return on investment
    • Significant fuel cost reduction
    • Produce savings of up to 45% off heating bills
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