Newell Stores


KES Group’s brief was to replace an aged oil boiler and provide a full design, installation and commissioning an ETA Biomass Boiler plantroom for Newells retail store and adjacent offices.

Benefits of ETA Biomass Boilers

  • Biomass is considered an environmentally friendly source of energy. Unlike coal, which needs much longer than a lifetime to re-generate, biomass is considered a renewable source of energy because it can be obtained relatively quickly by replacing or growing new plants or trees.
  • Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral form of energy. This is because the same amount of C02 that is released by the burning process is later re-absorbed by plants. It also supplies us with energy, and also helps with the disposal of wood and other materials’ waste.
  • By replacing a heating system with a biomass boiler you can reduce your carbon dioxide output by up to 9.5 tons, annually

ETA Biomass Boiler

  • ETA PEK – 90 Pellet Boilers
  • 5000 litre buffer storage
  • Plate heat exchangers to avoid contamination of the new installation
  • Full remote monitoring via MeinETA
  • 30 Tonne Pellet Store
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