Gas Plantroom

Gas Plantroom

KES Group manufacture, deliver and install prefabricated gas plantrooms to the commercial and public sector. Prefabricated gas plantrooms  are used to heat large scale organisations.

Our range of prefabricated gas plantrooms are designed to suit the exact requirements of each organisation. Gas plantrooms are ideal for significantly reducing heating costs, and providing a consistent level of heat throughout. Our team of Energi experts are at hand to assist companies in identifying the exact heating system that will be beneficial to them.


Faster Production Time

First of all, the construction process of a gas plantroom is complete in a controlled factory-based environment, resulting in outside variables such as weather conditions being eliminated. Furthermore, the delay in different trades is not an issue with KES Groups construction method. This is because KES Group employ experts in all trades to ensure the plantroom is complete on time. Each gas plantroom is delivered as a finished unit, resulting in a more efficient and economical process.


Furthermore, KES Group adopt the ISO9001:2015 quality management system to ensure a level of quality is maintained throughout all practices. Every product is complete to the best possible standard, due to our team of experts working to an exact specification.

Cost Effective

Finally, modular construction is an extremely cost-effective way of construction in comparison to onsite construction. This is because offsite construction can be optimized and automated to reduce the number of hours required for fabrication. Therefore, as a result it is a more efficient use of labor and a significantly reduces the amount of waste.

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