Balcas Energi Cabin


Our objective was to design install and commission a bespoke renewable heating system at the Balcas headquartes in Enniskillen. A Swift installation will be vital to ensure this busy site is operational at all times. The installation must be fuelled by the premier product that Balcas manufacture on site – the class leading ‘Brites’ pellet wood fuel.


Reliability, swift installation and uncompromising on quality – enter the KES Energi Cabin.

Heating System

A modular biomass boiler plantroom that is entirely prefabricated offsite – meaning that installation can be complete in a day. The Energi Cabin is a completely weatherproof structure constructed using a state of the art prefinished fibre cement weatherboard fixed to a steel skeleton. This structure houses an ETA PEK 90 Pellet Boiler – a flagship model from the Austrian Manufacturer.

creativemediaBalcas Energi Cabin