Strabane Business Park, Melmount Road, BT82 9GU

The SMARTBUILD Division are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the contract to design and manufacture a new state of the art sales office and car showroom for Pat Kirk Ltd. Pat Kirk LTD are a leading car and van sales dealership. This showroom build will be located at their new location in Strabane, County Tyrone. The new design will be built offsite at our factory in Omagh. And within 6 weeks and will be fully operational within 2 days post-delivery. The construction methods used within the SMARTBUILD Division allow for a high quality sustainable building to be produced on a bespoke basis to a customer’s exacting needs and we look forward to having the finished building on the ground very soon.

To elaborate on this, offsite construction refers to the completion of elements of a construction project at a different location from where it will be installed. As a result, the planning, design and build of the project is conducted under controlled conditions. The project is then transported to site before installation.

Many people say that offsite construction cannot compare with the quality of an onsite traditional build. However, as buildings are constructed under controlled conditions. Factors such as weather conditions that can affect the quality of a building, are completely eliminated. Therefore, investing in offsite construction results in a higher quality building that is not only relocatable but flexible.

The contract is another testament to the SMARTBUILD Divisions level of service. Listening to our customer’s needs and exacting attention to detail. Which enables the manufacture of a high quality building, with little disruption to the day to day workings of any Business, Home or Public sector facility.

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