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Need more space?

Need More Space – why not invest in a SmartBuild Garden Office?

KES Group introduces the solution to all space constraints within your home.

Do you need a:

  • garden office?
  • gym?
  • studio?
  • garden pods?
  • extension?

Our ‘Home Luxury’ range is here to answer all your prayers.

What is Home Luxury?

Home Luxury is the introduction of a bespoke, high quality and affordable solution to space restrictions within your home. The process consists of four steps; consultation, design, construction and delivery. This process allows our clients to have full reigns over the design of the project allowing them to solve all their space restrictions with one simple SmartBuild. SmartBuild’s Home Luxury Range is so broad that it can cater for absolutely any project requirement. Whether you need a garden office, a home gym, or a studio. SmartBuild is a fully adaptable construction method therefore it can either be attached to the side of your current build or assembled as a standalone build. The builds are delivered fully insulated with all mechanical and electrical elements complete. This ultimately results in the build being ready for use as soon as it is delivered.

Garden Office

SmartBuild Garden Pods offer high quality luxury space at the bottom of your garden. Our SmartBuild range is entirely bespoke, therefore it is built to suit the exact requirements of the home owner. Many professionals tend to bring their business home, but can not find the peace to concentrate. With SmartBuild, our products come fully suited to the clients needs, for example, if they need a soundproof environment our professionals at KES Group can give them exactly that.

Home Extensions

The home extension range within KES Group offers a full fit out product, delivered and installed within a day. If you wish for a new kitchen extension, our design team will work with you to get a final product of your dreams. This range offers home owners an option for limited space within your current home. This does not only make your lifestyle a lot easier but will add value to your current property.

Why chose SmartBuild?

Traditional methods of construction tend to result in months of mess, delays and increases in your builds budget. SmartBuild garden pods offer offsite construction over a 6 week period, one day delivery and installation and a fixed price. This process eliminates all the hassle that comes with traditional onsite construction and will save you a significant amount of money whilst giving you a higher level of quality build.

Interested in our Smartbuild range? Give us a call on 028 8283 1022 or email us at

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