December 2018

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP Panels) are a high-performance building material used in the construction of SmartBuild modular buildings.

SIP Panels: What You Need To Know

SIP Panels - also known as structurally insulated panels, consist of a thick layer of insulating foam with a side of oriented strand board to either side. SIPS are the main material used in constructing Smartbuilds. SIPS are an extremely beneficial way of constructing a building. To find out more, click here.

The perfect Garden Annexe

Luxury Garden Annexe

A luxury garden annexe is all you need for the bottom of your garden. Whether you need a new home for your in-laws or children its the perfect solution to everyone's space problems. Designed to suit your requirements and budget. The garden annexe comes in two options, shell only and full fit-out. To find out whats included, click here.

KES Group Modular Construction Modular Hair Salon

Get your ‘Smartbuild Salon’

Are you considering moving your salon home? Smartbuilds home salon is an affordable, convenient option for all salon owners. Smartbuild is a fully project managed service means you can continue with your work with no distractions. Your salon will be delivered to your preferred location ready for business.