5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Modular Garden Office

The SmartBuild modular garden office is the answer to all your prayers. The days of paying increasingly growing costs for office rentals in your nearby town or city are over. Why not invest in a long-term, high-quality modular garden office? Your building price is fixed, heating costs and travel costs are at a minimum and as a result, is a long-term investment on your business – trust us, you won’t regret it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a modular garden office for your business:

1. Minimal mess & disruption to your home and business…

Firstly, our modular construction method means that 99% of the building construction is complete in an offsite location. Your garden office will be delivered complete with all elements of the overall build complete. Any rubbish is disposed off before leaving the factory. This will minimise the amount of disruption and mess around your home during the delivery of your new office.

2. Fully insulated building…

Each SmartBuild is constructed using sip panels. Sip panels are an offsite construction method designed to shape the entire envelope of the building. The insulation properties of sip panels are exceptionally good. We can guarantee your heating costs will be at a minimum every season of the year.

3. Double Glazing…

As standard, all our buildings are finished with double glazing throughout. We give all our clients full control over the design of the building. Therefore, you can decide on the colour choices and internal and external finishes of the overall build – including your double-glazed windows.

4. Fully project managed service…

Choosing a modular garden office means you can continue with the day to day running of your business with no distractions. Our team of designers take full control over each project so your business won’t be affected during the construction of your new office.

5. High-quality product…

Finally, the quality of our Smartbuilds are the best on the market. Each building is constructed under a strict quality management system. As a result of this standard, we do not dispatch the building for delivery unless it meets these requirements. Therefore, we can assure that each building will be of the highest possible quality.

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kesgroup5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Modular Garden Office

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