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KES Group discuss 5 reasons for the rise in popularity of modular buildings.

Modular construction is not a new concept. In fact, it is already extremely popular in countries such as Germany and Japan. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular construction method in the UK, with 15,000 modular homes built each year. Additionally, the use of modular buildings in the commercial sector is continuing to grow, with businesses looking to provide new office spaces and working environments which are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Here, we discuss 5 reasons why the popularity of modular buildings has risen in recent years:

  1. Speed 

With any construction or development project, build times are a major factor which must be considered. However, as modular buildings are constructed remotely, many of the factors that affect the speed of construction can be reduced. This means that choosing modular units can result in an extremely efficient overall project. In fact, recent research states that choosing modular buildings can speed up construction times by as much as 50%.

There are a number of reasons that modular construction is much faster than traditional construction. For instance, manufacturing takes place in a factory environment and so, it will be unaffected by adverse weather conditions. This enables greater time management. Additionally, modular buildings provide the opportunity to build using precise specifications meaning that issues can be identified and resolved quickly.

  1. Cost

Another important consideration for any construction project is cost. The low cost of modular buildings is one of the reasons why its popularity has grown in recent years. In general, modular units are a cheaper alternative to traditional buildings, with new modular buildings costing up to 35% cheaper. This is due to needing less raw materials, fewer construction workers and fast assembly. In some cases, projects can go from conception to completion in a matter of weeks.

  1. Sustainable

Modular buildings use renewable resources such as wood as the main construction materials, therefore making this construction method environmentally friendly. Most of the work will also be completed off-site and so, fewer construction vehicles are needed. This will reduce the level of noise and damage to the environment caused during the construction process. KES Group is an industry leader in eco-technology for business and domestic use. Due to this, the SmartBuild division ensures that they provide an eco-friendly solution to premium quality, relocatable buildings. We firmly believe that increased performance should not come at the expense of the planet and so, the teamwork hard to deliver quality modular buildings while protecting the earth.

  1. High-Quality

As technology continues to develop, modular buildings are being constructed using the most advanced techniques available. These buildings are fabricated to meet the same building standards as traditional structure and as the construction work takes place off-site, the units are constructed using strict quality control. Additionally, all materials are stored in controlled environments off-site, ensuring consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Due to this, you will experience the same quality, longevity and durability with modular buildings as you would expect with traditional builds.

  1. Flexibility

Finally, modular buildings are extremely versatile and can be used for an extensive range of purposes, from portable offices to modular housing. Additionally, they provide flexibility in terms of:

  • Portability; can be easily relocated/removed
  • Expansion; it is easy to expand structures to meet future needs
  • Reuse; modular buildings can be reused, repurposed and redesigned
  • Resale; the market for used modular buildings continues to grow and strengthen making it easier to resell

With so many benefits, it is clear to see why modular buildings have grown in popularity and why it is only set to grow in the coming years. The combination of affordability, speed of construction and quality assurance means that modular buildings are fast becoming the first choice of building methods across all industries. Additionally, construction experts predict a 6% increase in modular construction by 2022.

At KES Group, we are passionate about modular construction and believe that SmartBuild is the perfect choice for businesses looking for new commercial premises and bespoke offices or individuals who crave home luxury. For more information about our SmartBuild modular buildings or to get your free quote contact us today.

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