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KES Group discuss 5 unique uses for modular commercial buildings, including previous SmartBuild projects.

Modular buildings are fast becoming an extremely popular building method across the UK. Providing organisations with the opportunity to create new, personalised premises for their business. Regardless of the industry you are in, it is vital for businesses to adapt in order to survive. Hence, SmartBuild is the perfect choice for your business. Our SmartBuild modular buildings provide you with modular office buildings designed to adapt to the individual needs of your growing business.

Here at KES Group, we can deliver beyond your wildest dreams – whether you need extra office space, a new studio or a unique showroom. We can help you achieve your business desired goal. We have had the fantastic opportunity to work with a number of businesses across the UK and Ireland. Creating bespoke modular units to suit their needs. We have pulled together 5 unique uses for modular commercial buildings, including some of our previous work!

  1. Office & Administration Spaces

One of the most common units we are asked to build is modular office spaces. Whether you need a bit of extra space during an expansion or renovation or want a permanent office space. Modular buildings are a fantastic option. One of the benefits of choosing modular is that they can be ready for occupancy up to 50% faster than a traditionally built office. Additionally, important components such as connectivity, security and accessibility are easily integrated into modular offices. We have created these types of buildings for multiple companies such as a new sales office for Patterson Caravans and additional office space for Pedro Pet Foods.

  1. Gym Space

Another great use of modular commercial buildings is for sport and leisure purposes. KES Group recently had the opportunity to design and create a bespoke modular gym unit for Diamond Health Club. This unique building was designed to meet the needs of the business and works extremely well as a standalone space. Choosing modular allowed the company flexibility to create a tailored unit. As well as providing them with the opportunity to choose the best location for the business.

  1. Classrooms

Using conventional construction for school expansions can be costly and time-consuming, making modular classrooms a fantastic choice for schools. At SmartBuild, we can design and build a state-of-the-art, efficient modular educational spaces that meet the individual needs of the school. Whether they are needed for primary schools, high schools or university. Our modular classrooms will be personalised to meet the necessary requirements. Additionally, they are suited for both temporary spaces or permanent, full-scale constructions.

  1. Changing Rooms

Another unique use for modular buildings is creating prefabricated changing rooms. This is a fantastic idea for organisations that want to create more space inside a sports facility or for local sports clubs who regularly use outdoor playing fields. Lisburn Castlereagh City Council approached KES Group with a brief to construct a changing facility for the brand new MUGA sports grounds at Seymour Hill in Dunmurry. Using our full project managed service, we were able to manufacture the modular changing rooms in an off-site location. And complete the project within the desired timeframe.

  1. Welcome Centre

Our final use of modular commercial buildings is inspired by Finn Lough Resort, who worked with our SmartBuild team to create a unique welcome centre for their guests. It was important that the overall aesthetic matched the rest of the resort. An aspect that can easily be achieved with modular buildings. This is a fantastic and time-effective way to add a new building in an area that best suits the needs of your business.

As you can see, there really are no limits when it comes to designing a modular commercial building. This is just a small example of the SmartBuild options at KES Group. As we offer a wide range of building system for both the private and public sector including hospitals, schools and more.

We are passionate about modular construction and believe that SmartBuild is the perfect choice for businesses looking for new commercial premises or bespoke offices. For more information about our SmartBuild modular buildings or to get your free quote contact us today.

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