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With SmartBuild, Modular construction offers sustainable environment eco-friendly buildings

Sustainability is so important in the modern world, and more and more businesses are looking for ways of being able to promote sustainability. There are plenty of things you can do in your business to try to be more sustainable. One of the best ways of actioning something like this is to embrace the use of modular buildings.

Modular buildings, sometimes known as modular homes, are essentially prefabricated buildings. That is constructed somewhere and moved to the relevant site. They are found throughout the world of business and tend to be particularly useful in the construction and manufacturing industries. KES Group’s Smartbuild division tailors modular building construction across a range of sectors, from Bespoke Business to Home Luxury.

Here are three of the great reasons why modular buildings are an excellent choice if you want to be more sustainable. No matter the project.

1. They Use Less Energy

When it comes to being more sustainable, it is important to make sure you look for solutions that are more energy-efficient. One of the best things about modular buildings is that they are constructed almost completely off-site. As with those created in our manufacturing facility in County Tyrone, and this means they use significantly less energy. In fact, it is estimated to take 50% less time to complete a modular building than it would to construct a regular one. This makes them a fast and efficient choice when it comes to helping create the buildings and homes. That you need in a more energy-efficient way.

2. They are Flexible

One of the things that businesses love the most about modular buildings is that they offer a flexible solution to common problems. Space is a premium in business, and you need somewhere to run the company from, and for workers to congregate. You might be renovating the existing offices, or they might not have been built properly yet. This is where modular buildings come in so handy. They can be used as a low-cost, temporary office or business facilities. And once construction or renovation has finished, they can be quickly and efficiently removed. Whatever your needs might be, we have the expertise to deliver the solution through precision-engineered Smartbuilds.

3. There’s a Focus on Recycling

Recycling is so important when you are focused on sustainability as a business, and the great thing about pre-manufactured homes and buildings is that they are all constructed using recyclable materials. What’s more, they can reduce up to 90% of the waste that is generated through regular construction methods. They use recycled materials, and they are recyclable buildings. And this makes them the perfect choice for any business looking to be a little greener. Make sure you embrace modular buildings and try to make them a much bigger part of your business model moving forward. You will tick a lot of environmentally friendly boxes. Not to mention being well-placed to be able to continue your company’s sustainable journey.

Modular buildings offer bespoke and unique opportunities for businesses and business owners looking to make a difference in the world. There is a lot to be said for this, and these buildings are going to have a hugely positive impact on your company. As well as the environment at large. As an industry leader in eco-technology for business and domestic use. We believe that increased performance and competitiveness should not come at the expense of the planet.

As a modern business, you need to improve your reputation. As well as looking to change with the world, and making use of modular buildings is an excellent place to start with this. Go to our Smartbuild section to download free brochures, check out recent projects and see how KES Group can transform the way you live, work and do business.

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