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Care Home vs Granny Flat by KES Group, Modular Building

Care Home Vs Granny Flat

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances families are put into situations where they find themselves stepping up to the responsibility of looking after an older member of the family. And let’s be honest, it’s a known fact that this type of responsibility can put a lot pressure and strain on the family relationships! And when this does happen, what do you think the family end up considering?

The answer is simply – a care home!

Now depending on what part of the UK you live, research shows that the average cost of a residential care home can range from £27,000 to £39,000 per annum. But can increase to £35,000 – £55,000 per year if nursing care is required. However, this is known to vary hugely across the country. You can also pay higher fees for care homes with more comfortable surroundings and better fitted out facilities.

So, when making such a vital decision on your care needs, whether that’s remaining at home or needing to move to a care home, it helps to prioritise your care needs.

  • For instance, what does ‘home’ mean to you? Is it comfort, security?
  • In later life, what will ‘home’ stand for? Closeness to family, friends, GP
  • What will become more difficult down the line? Going up and down the stairs, getting in and out of the bath?

A solution to all above – SmartBuild Granny Flat!

Firstly, a Granny Flat is a contained living space, for 1 to 2 people, which can be attached or detached. And here at KES Group we can offer an affordable and convenient space to suit each homeowners’ exact needs. From the size of the building to the fitted bathroom. With a speedy construction process that is completed in an offsite location and delivered in one day, the homeowner will benefit from a hassle-free service with minimal disruption to their home!

But down to the important part, cost! With a SmartBuild Granny flat, costs starting at just £900 per square meter you can’t go far wrong! For instance, if you wanted a standard 44sqm Granny Flat prices would begin at £39,600. And compared to the cost of a care home, it’s clear to see where you can save money! And as a result, with the finished product you’ll be giving your loved ones the privacy and independence they wish for, while also offering the nearby support of a beloved family member.

Still not sure if a Granny Flat is the right option for you, why not check out the benefits associated with SmartBuild’s ‘Granny Flats’ by clicking here! Or for more information you can contact us here.

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