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Factory floor of offsite construction facility

It is no secret that with the offsite construction process, it can most certainly play a role in addressing the UK and Ireland’s housing shortage!

Government statistics state that the UK needs an additional 120,000 homes each year to overcome the housing shortfall. Where, in Ireland, statistics show that even though there are more new builds than ever. It is still far behind the additional 33,000 houses needed yearly to keep up with the growing population. In other words, it’s a challenge the sector simply cannot meet by sticking to traditional construction methods!

Many traditional construction projects are known to be completed well behind schedule and well over budget, just to name a few! And whilst there has been an effort to improve these factors, it doesn’t seem to be enough!

Offsite construction offers an alternative to these current traditional construction challenges by promising to increase product delivery time. This is aided by the construction of a project being conducted in a controlled environment. For instance, no weather conditions will come into effect during the construction period. Therefore no delay on the project delivery time, as well as the possibility of savings. With SmartBuild, once an order is placed there is a 6-week construction period and on the day of the delivery, you could be in and using your new premises within 24 hours!

It is suggested that the lifetime value of offsite constructed buildings reduces the buildings life cost. Not just during the construction phase. For example, the improved quality will ultimately increase the overall performance of the building. Which in favour will reduce the operational costs of the building.

To conclude, it is evident that offsite construction provides a large-scale improvement to the overall quality, product delivery and cost of the final product compared to onsite construction.

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