Strabane Business Park, Melmount Road, BT82 9GU
Modular changing rooms for Derry City & Strabane District Council

As a Modular Construction Company, we offer many modular building solutions. With a wide range of building systems for the public sector. This includes modular changing rooms.

Since launching Smartbuild back in 2017, we have successfully designed, constructed and delivered bespoke modular changing rooms across the public sector for the likes of Derry City & Strabane District Council.

If you’re looking to build, upgrade your current facilities or you simply need more changing facilities, Modular Changing Rooms are the perfect solution!

Here’s why Modular Changing Rooms are the perfect solution:

Nowadays sports facilities can be found to be run down or out-dated and in dire need of repair! And prior to misconception, prefabricated Changing Rooms are not converted portable cabins. An important factor in modular changing rooms are the ‘cleaning’ and ‘maintenance’. All surfaces within the Smartbuild are durable and made easily cleaned to maintain a high level of hygiene. And to ensure an excellent standard throughout the units continued use.

These modules can differ from changing rooms to locker rooms with showers, toilets, sinks and even separate changing pods if need be. Manufactured to any specification with a choice of layout and size. These modules offer luxury, high-specification facilities on the inside and a robust, anti-vandalism design on the outside. Crucial for changing units located in public parks or remote areas! Each module is portable, therefore if a sports club was to relocate to a different premise, the units are easily transported to the new location.

It is an ideal solution for organisations that want to create more space inside a sports facility or for local sports clubs who regularly use outdoor playing fields.

By using our full project managed service, we can manufacture the modular changing rooms in an off-site location. Therefore, causing no interruptions to the intended site and complete the project within the desired timeframe.

Besides, the time spent on the intended site is minimal. And no matter what the specification and required facilities needed such as be showers, lockers, toilets and much more. You can be sure to rely on the team at KES Group to deliver beyond your wildest imagination.


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