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Granny flats for elderly living

Government statistics show that the life expectancy of the UK’s population has been on the rise since the 1950s. Therefore, life expectancy is up, and people are living longer. This means that the UK population pyramid over time will show a narrow base and a wide top. Resulting in a larger percentage of people in older age groups. So, with an ageing population in sight, what solutions are there to help the challenges that will arise with it? The answer: Granny Flats.

For those of you that don’t know what a Granny Flat is, it’s a designed living space for one person and more. The modular building is a smaller version of a normal-sized house. Fitted with your everyday necessary facilities like a kitchen and a bathroom. The unit can rather be attached to an existing property or detached, as a stand-alone building within the same grounds as an already existing property. Each module can be designed for any specific requirements and can create an environment that isn’t boring or imprisoning!

The main purpose of ‘Granny Flats’ is usually to provide additional accommodation. However, as the demand for accommodation options for the elderly are at an all-time high – it’s safe to say that a SmartBuild Granny Flat is an ideal solution for your loved one. Manufactured to accommodate the individual needs, whatever they may be.

To conclude, a SmartBuild Granny Flat is a great solution for any ageing parents that have become less mobile, but still want to live independently. It’s a fantastic way to keep the family together, without breaking the bank when the need for assisted care arises. And as their needs change over time and become more dependent, they still can receive support from their families. Yet still, retain their independence.

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