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At KES Group, our SmartBuild modular buildings provide you with the opportunity to create a custom-built area, tailored to suit your needs when working from home.

Working from Home with SMARTBUILD!

With every individuals’ lifestyles changing in the last number of months due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is only right that we take the opportunity now to put plans in place if this may happen again. With most of the businesses near and far having to close, stop operating and many having to relocate their ‘office’ to the comfort of their own homes. However, with most not having the luxury of a home office, private study area or even an area in their home to make private calls, working from home is not always as easy as it may seem.

This is where we come in…


What it is?

A custom-built modular office building, designed exactly to your wants and needs. Constructed with only the best building materials, and the highest engineered construction method available. Not only that, but they are extremely attractive on the outside and the inside, making working from home a treat.

The future for home offices?

When we reach the better side of this pandemic, we will notice the change in patterns in which we do things will change drastically. During the last number of months, many of us have been left temporarily unemployed and many being relocated to their home to work remotely.  With the significant increase in remote working, and the increase in technologies to enable working from home, it is without doubt than many will continue to do so when this is all over. This will in return reduce the amount spent on commuting to and from work, the amount spent on travel and the amount of time spent away from home.

Therefore, why not invest now? Get ahead of the game and get yourself that dedicated work space. A luxurious space where you can divide home life to working life.

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