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Benefits of Modular Construction, KES Group, SMARTBUILD

Modular construction has been around a while – it’s not a new thing and it’s something that comes with a ton of benefits!

Modular construction, as you may know, is a method of building construction that is based off-site. They’re then manufactured and assembled at the right location. With it, you get a bespoke and unique new design that is individual to you and your needs. Pre-manufactured buildings are a flexible and cost-effective solution of which many aren’t aware! 

So, let’s talk about the six main benefits of modular construction, and why you should consider it for your next home or business project.

Benefit 1: Design

The most important part of any construction process is in the design. However, with modular construction, you get to streamline the design process from the architectural stage. This is because the project doesn’t start on site; for KES Group, this means at our manufacturing facility in County Tyrone. This way any issues or challenges are addressed before it arrives in the right location.

Most of the time, architectural design is done with computer-aided design for complete perfection for your choice. 

Benefit 2: Unique Customization

The chance to be able to uniquely customize your piece is yet another advantage of modular construction. Offices and even buildings can be fashioned offsite, customized to your exact needs. We can figure out your requirements together and gain an understanding of the challenges that you are facing with your design, then we can draw up your dream home or office from either a set range of sizes or a preferred specification.

Our customers have full control over exterior and interior design, with the ability to tailor everything from the outside panels and flooring to the style of the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to features and final touches, we can add absolutely anything to your package.

Benefit 3: Eco-Friendly

An innovative solution, modular construction allows you to be more eco-friendly in your design and construction choices. Modular construction comes with a level of precision that minimizes waste from the building work, and with most of the work being done in a factory, excess materials can be repurposed elsewhere.

Benefit 4: It’s Fast!

There is a timeline from start to finish with modular construction, and it doesn’t take long. Site development starts at the same time as the construction phase, which means that the only piece of the puzzle is in the installation. KES Group’s modules are fully fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before leaving the factory. They’re then transported to site, ready to be craned into position for final fixing.

Most modular construction projects can be finished almost 50% faster than other building types.

Benefit 5: Safety

It’s the biggest priority for most people in construction, and it’s why people choose modular construction – it’s safer for both the workers and the individuals who are awaiting the new building to be completed. When you remove 80% of the construction activity that normally takes place on an outdoor worksite, you increase the safety and reduce the risks.

Benefit 6: Longevity

Lastly, given the fact that most are usually moved fully intact before being installed, the buildings are built for strength. This means that they are designed to withstand the movement and assembly with no issues!

It’s previously been found that modular construction buildings have done better in strength tests compared to a variety of other construction types. With our help, you can have a smart, strong and well-designed modular home or new commercial premises in no time at all. Contact us today at KES Group or browse brochures in our SmartBuild section to find out more.

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