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The UK and European construction industries face a number of common challenges – many of which have only been heightened as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, modular construction offers a number of solutions for today’s challenges. In the latest blog from KES Group, we look at how modular construction can allow for significant cost savings in comparison to traditional methods.

When we look at some of the major costs associated with construction, it helps to look towards some of the costs which can surround your project as a whole:

  • Building materials
  • Waste & material handling
  • Delivery costs
  • Construction equipment
  • Crew delivery

These costs can massively fluctuate depending on decisions made at the outset of your construction project. Opting for modular construction options can navigate many of these costs, allowing you to divert more resources into different areas of your development. Keep reading to learn how significant savings can be made by opting for modular construction!

Modular Buildings: Cost-Effective and Efficient

Modular construction carries a number of significant benefits around cost effectiveness and efficiency. We’ve picked out some of the biggest budget savers:

  • Speed of build: The rapid nature of modular construction allows for significant savings to be made, especially for builders on-site. Because the vast majority of SMARTBUILDS are fabricated in our factory, labour costs are reduced by a significant margin.


  • Reduced construction expenses: The initial construction costs of buildings can be high, and that excludes exterior works. Indeed, traditional construction costs can reach a high of up to £2,500/m². Meanwhile, modular construction costs typically demand a much lower price per square meter, with prices as low as £500/m² for new modular and £200/m² for used modular.


  • Cut energy costs: Construction projects can mount up huge energy costs across all stages. The vast majority of KES SMARTBUILDS are constructed off-site, allowing for significant savings of up to 67% in energy consumption.


  • Lower waste processing costs: Construction has been recognised as a highly wasteful industry, with a typically unfriendly carbon footprint. Fortunately, modular construction offers real solutions to these challenges. KES promote quality controlled production,


  • Less transport, less fuel: The vast majority of SMARTBUILDS are delivered to your site pre-assembled. This means that vehicle movement can be reduced by up to 90%, making huge savings on fuel and reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Reduced labour costs: One of the major benefits of modular construction is its reduced demand for labour intensity and high levels of skill. This means that there are real savings to be made in labour costs, not only in terms of salaries but in hours required to complete your project by the hour.

Launch Your Modular Construction Project with KES Group

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