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Today’s construction industry poses a number of challenges to architects, contractors and building managers. Indeed, many of these challenges have intensified across the course of 2020, with social distancing demands placing greater pressures on the sector.

Now more than ever, the corporate world needs versatile building solutions that can adapt to meet changing priorities. KES Group is proud to play its role in making this a reality with SmartBuild.

The most common definition of versatility describes the term as an ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. But what do we mean by versatility when we’re referring to building solutions & construction methods? To make this simple, we’ve identified a number of functions or activities which may require a versatile space:

  • Interview/meeting rooms
  • Conference spaces
  • Reception/check-in areas
  • Staff rooms
  • General office space

The usage of the above areas can depend on a number of factors. For instance, reception and check-in areas may not be used at times of closure or during public holidays. Perhaps your business has been affected by Covid-19 or local lockdown restrictions, meaning that large sections of your office space, or your staff room, must be sealed off for social distancing reasons. In any of these cases, opportunity exists to adapt and use that space for different purposes – even if this is just a temporary measure.

Enjoy Spatial Versatility with Modular Construction

For challenges like this, versatility is essential. When you opt for modular construction, you can enjoy true spatial versatility, meaning that you can make the very most out of your available space. What’s more, many SmartBuild projects are portable, bringing a new meaning to the definition of versatility. When you choose SmartBuild, you make space work for you: it’s that simple.

Many wonder how KES Group achieves spatial versatility through the use of SmartBuild. Whilst many elements contribute to this unique selling point, much of its versatility can be explained by the employment of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which are designed and constructed in a controlled environment for superior efficiency and adaptability.

So – how can our customers reap the benefits of spatial versatility with SmartBuild?

Versatility for work: If you’re looking for an office or workplace environment that is productive, efficient and cost effective, the benefits of SMARTBUILD projects are well documented. These adaptable buildings are inherently flexible, making them an optimum choice for businesses and organisations across all sectors. Furthermore, the rapid, hassle-free installation and portable nature of SMARTBUILD means that you’ve made an investment in versatility.

Versatility for life: Modular construction isn’t only beneficial for office and other corporate environments. The flexibility of these buildings allow you to set up a leisure space in virtually any location. For example, SMARTBUILD can be installed as an outdoor room, with a fully customisable interior offering ultimate versatility for life outside of work.

Modular Construction: How KES Can Help

Forget conventional. SMARTBUILD is a new generation of ultra-high specification, bespoke modular buildings, precision engineered for ultimate flexibility and efficiency across a range of sectors – including commercial, bespoke business and residential. To launch your modular housing project, get in touch with our expert team today.

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