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Modular construction offers a range of benefits, and KES Group has been to the forefront of promoting building methods that are both effective and efficient via SMARTBUILD projects. However, this construction method also offers significant benefits around health and safety. In the latest blog from KES Group, we look at how modular construction creates safer environments for installation workers and end users alike.

Whilst the construction industry has undergone significant improvements around health & safety over the years, the sector still accounts for a proportionally high number of workplace accidents and fatalities. Indeed, it is no secret that construction yards and building sites are often fraught with lingering hazards. The sector requires further innovation around the protection of its workers, and KES Group believes that modular construction can play a key role in facilitating this. 

Stronger & Safer with SMARTBUILD

There are a number of reasons why modular construction has been cited as being safer than traditional methods. For example, an overall perspective suggests that the module-to-module combination of the units provides a system which is more rigid and therefore better-performing than conventional residential framing. Whilst this observation is true, it doesn’t touch upon the many safety benefits modular construction offers, particularly around workplace and environmental safety. 

Indeed, a report published by the ECA, CIBSE and SELECT in December last year found that offsite construction can benefit the electrical sector specifically, where 61% reported increased productivity whilst 47 percent reported improved employee safety.

Modular construction can create safer environments. Let’s look at two of the key benefits offered by SMARTBUILD:

Environmental Safety

The construction industry must play a greater role in reducing its carbon emissions, as well as its impact on environmental safety across the board. Modular construction can facilitate a path towards greener, safer building methods by ushering in fresh methods that use materials more efficiently and accurately. At this point it is important to note that this enhanced efficiency around the use of materials is only achievable due to the nature of the build itself. 

SMARTBUILD projects are among the most sustainable builds offered by the modular construction industry. The efficient use of resources not only leads to reduced operational costs, but also a significant reduction in energy consumption. This has obvious benefits for environmental and public health, with an average of 67 percent less energy required in comparison to other building methods.

When considering the environmentally-safe aspect of modular construction, it’s important not only to look at the environmental costs in terms of materials. It’s also important to note the range of activities that take place around any construction project. For example, modular construction involves 90% fewer movements than traditional building methods, cutting harmful CO2 emissions by a significant degree. This joins the added environmental benefits of yielding less noise pollution generally. 

The Safety Advantages of Quality Control

Modular buildings, including SMARTBUILDs by KES GROUP are constructed within highly compliant and quality-controlled environments. This carries a number of advantages when considering the welfare and safety of workers. 

Consider the risk presented to workers on construction sites, ranging from equipment accidents or falls from height. Because modular buildings are constructed in one environment using specially-engineered machinery, risks can be concentrated and controlled within one dedicated location – significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. 

Check out the video below which show some KES Group experts who are working within a quality controlled and fully risk-assessed environment (filmed pre-Covid 19):

Modular Construction: How KES Can Help

Forget conventional. SMARTBUILD is a new generation of ultra-high specification, bespoke modular buildings, precision engineered for ultimate flexibility and efficiency across a range of sectors – including commercial, bespoke business and residential. To launch your modular housing project, get in touch with our expert team today.

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