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2020: it’s been a year of unprecedented challenge for all sectors of industry. This has certainly been the case within construction, which has suffered significant impacts as a result of both the Coronavirus pandemic and a rapidly approaching Brexit. Whilst modular has experienced its setbacks throughout this period, a number of positive developments have suggested rapid growth in the industry in the near future. As we round the year off to a close, KES Group highlights some of those more encouraging moments.

Pre-Covid-19, modular construction was hinted to grow its market size exponentially over the next decade – according to claims made in several leading market reports. However, none could have projected the events of 2020, which are now predicted to have reduced overall output among panelised modular building contractors by approximately 20% below 2019 levels by the year’s end. 

This prediction reflects challenges experienced by the construction sector as a whole throughout the pandemic – challenges which we at KES Group look forward to overcoming in the future. Indeed, for the year that it’s been, 2020 has brought a number of positive developments, making it all the more reasonable to look towards 2021 and beyond with optimism.

Silver Linings in Construction

It’s true: it’s been a challenging year for the construction industry. However, a number of  forecasts suggest that offsite construction is expected to return to full production at a significantly higher rate than conventional worksites, with factory settings typically better suited to ongoing public health guidelines; including social distancing and regular hand hygiene.

Not only is modular construction set to return to growth in the new year. It is projected to exceed £700m in overall market value again in 2022. This is despite ongoing demands surrounding Coronavirus, with modular construction environments requiring reduced personnel and reduced labour and all activities carefully monitored, planned & scheduled.

Industry commentators have also suggested an increased focus on environmental sustainability in the incoming year, with timber-based modular employing several renewable material and typically less fuel and energy consumption compared with traditional construction methods. 

And, despite the year’s setbacks, we’ve completed a number of successful projects which prove that modular construction is the future. 

Business as Usual

As of December, we’ve been hard at work on 6 live SMARTBUILD projects, and we’re on-course to build on this momentum throughout the course of 2021. With each of these projects, we’re demonstrating that no two SMARTBUILDs are the same, with every project designed and constructed according to acute and bespoke specifications. Currently under construction, we’re working on a modular bar, 2 office buildings, a toilet block, an extension to a pharmacy and an official showhouse for KES Group. 

Beyond those works in progress, we recently delivered a beautiful modular building project for Doherty Group, an industry-leading timber business based in Omagh, Northern Ireland. KES Group designed, constructed and delivered a stunning 160sqm Office for Doherty Group equipped with the latest technology, including security cameras, emergency door release buttons, flatscreen televisions, scanners, digital heating systems and more. Featuring a beautiful panelled facade with embedded branding, we were delighted to finish this SMARTBUILD project off in November.

KES Group: Wishing You a Modular New Year

As we round 2020 off to a close, we’re excited to be announcing a number of exciting developments in early 2021 – so watch this space! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank of all of our followers for their custom throughout the year. On behalf of all the team at KES Group – we’re wishing you a modular 2021!

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