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Here at KES Group, we understand that sharing space with our relatives can be a tight squeeze. However, changes to public health & private care have led to more homeowners extending their property to accommodate elderly relatives. In our latest blog, we look at how a modular granny annex can extend your space and provide the perfect living space for your loved ones.

It’s true: sharing our homes with our loved ones can often be a little cramped for comfort. From sharing bathroom facilities to navigating a crowded kitchen, living in confined spaces can certainly raise the stress levels. With more and more families making space for their elders, modular granny flats allow for expanded space and a stylish, comfortable living area – all without breaking the bank.

What is a Modular Granny Annex?

So, what is a modular granny annex? A modular granny annex (also known as a ‘granny flat’) is a prefabricated home which is manufactured off-site, with standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled on-site. However, it’s more than just another modular building. It’s an innovative solution that allows our elders to safely live with us whilst simultaneously retaining their independence.

Modular granny flats are popping up throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, with KES Group delivering a number of SMARTBUILD annexes. With the following benefits, it’s not hard to see why this trend is taking off…

The Advantages of a Modular Granny Flat

From cost-effect to the luxury it can provide, it’s no wonder we’re seeing modular granny annexes growing in popularity:

  • Ultimate efficiency: SMARTBUILD provides a warm, cosy and energy efficient home for those that matter most. Our modular granny annex buildings are exceptionally well insulated, meaning you can create a comfortable sanctuary quickly at a relatively low cost. 
  • Rapid service: Forget months of planning, designing and building. KES Group prides itself on its rapid service delivery, pledging to complete all modular granny flats within a 8-week time-frame. What’s more, we install your granny annex in only one day, meaning minimal disruption to your home life. 
  • Full fit-out: Here at KES Group, we don’t just design and assemble your modular granny annex. We offer the inventory and expertise to fully equip your loved one’s new home, taking care of all requirements, from kitchens and bathrooms to heating systems and appliances. All of this can be embedded within a design that is bespoke and totally personalised to your requirements.
  • Regular updates: We understand how important your modular granny annex is, both to you and your elderly relatives. That’s why we’re proud to keep our clients informed with visual updates on a fortnightly basis, resulting in complete peace of mind and reassurance that your project is on schedule.
  • Quality assured: Looking after our elderly loved ones in their frailer years is a privilege. With this in mind, modular granny flats by KES Group are designed by our skilled team of in-house architects; following a stringent ISO quality management system whereby our SMARTBUILDS do not leave our premises until they meet the desired standard.

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Start Your Modular Granny Annex Project with KES Group

Looking to accommodate your loved ones in the near future? A SMARTBUILD modular granny annex by KES Group provides the space you need to provide a luxurious and efficient home. To get your project off to a start, reach out to a member of our helpful team who will be happy to assist. Alternatively, drop us an email on or call us on 028 8283 1022. 

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