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A data centre provides security. They do this in the form of physical and digital support systems. This keeps information, operations, applications, and data safe from threats such as cyber-attacks. These facilities provide shared access to critical applications and data using a complex network and storage infrastructure.

While many industries were suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Data Centre industry flourished.  E-working, e-education,  e-commerce, and this uptake is showing no sign of slowing down. The global pandemic and the reiterating message to ‘stay at home’ resulted in many businesses shutting down. Consequently, this resulted in a power-up in the demand for data centres. Due to the increased amount of online learning, working from home, and online shopping.

Traditionally, data centre design follows a very customized approach focused on unique customer requirements. Due to the level of personalisation, more capital investment and engineering work were required to achieve the final solution.

Data Centre Delivery KES Group

Delivery to Madrid

KES Group has been working on 4 new data centres. Our team designed, built, and delivered these to Madrid, Spain.

At KES Group we use a standardized approach to the design of these data centres. This speeds up the project timeline and reduces capital costs.  The streamlined process allows you to cut back on engineering resources due to the repeatability of design, which in turn can reduce the capital investment required.


The core design is reused, reducing operational risk. Operational staff become more accustomed to how the infrastructure works and should be maintained.

Prefabricated data centre modules can significantly reduce required man-hours during assembly, testing, and installation and reduce the number of lifting operations required – In turn reducing project timelines, cost and on-site safety risk. Key attributes to look for in a modern integrated solutions partner include a modular power offering, design consultation offering, and support to suit your specification, expertise in design, build, testing and power management.

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