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Summer is finally here!

4 Tips to help maintain your modular classroom over the summer holidays

Below are 4 useful tips to help with maintaining your modular classroom, especially over the summer period.

Modular buildings are constructed offsite and then transported to their final destination. They have many uses and are great solutions for growing student populations to ensure that the students have enough space to learn efficiently. They also eliminate the distraction of doing construction work during the school year, as the majority of construction work is carried out off-site.

However, it’s that time of the year again, Summer has at long last arrived. Young people and teachers alike are inclining toward the edge of their seats, listening for the last chime to ring to unleash them to freedom as they say goodbye to the classroom for a hard-earned break.

While we may be taking a break from work or school, it’s imperative to keep your modular classroom in good working order by performing routine maintenance.

Below are KES Group’s top tips for maintaining your modular classroom and keeping it in good working order.



One of the most important suggestions we can give you to maintain your modular classroom is to simply keep it clean. Dirt and debris can make their way in from outside. Keeping floors clean can help eliminate slip and fall hazards as well as damage to floors such as scratching and dents.

Dust, pollen, and other air-born allergens can accumulate on surfaces in your classrooms. These are harmful to those who may suffer from allergies. We recommend giving the building a thorough cleaning at least once per week.


Most modular classrooms come with a heating/cooling unit that will keep the interior of the building at a comfortable temperature. The thermostat helps regulate the HVAC unit throughout the building.

Turning the air conditioning off completely will subject the building to environmental factors. Most of the time, your building will heat up so much that cooling it down to a comfortable temperature when you return wastes more energy than letting it run. Instead, adjust your thermostat to 7-10 degrees and close the blinds to keep the sun from heating the unit through the windows.

Although it seems like a small maintenance tip, setting your thermostat correctly will help prevent problems. If you must adjust it to a temperature to cool the building down after extreme heat, this will overwork your unit and cause bigger issues down the line.  Keep your thermostat at a steady temperature even when the building is unoccupied.



There are many components of your modular building that need to be checked and maintained to avoid leaking.

Your roof is one component that needs to be monitored for leaks. Just like an onsite construction, you must also keep the roof of a modular structure in tip-top condition. During climate changes such as rainstorms, check your roof to ensure there are no holes, tears, or shingles coming up. If you happen to find damage during one of these checks, determine how to fix your roof as soon as possible. Ensure that they are efficient and in good condition. If not, consider repairing them. Also, if your modular structure has a flat roof, you will have to recoat and reseal it with the right coating every year. Apart from these, it is needless to say that you must clear the debris from your roof.

As part of the roofing system, gutters, roof drains, etc. should be maintained and monitored for damage or pile-up of debris. When gutters and drains cannot drain properly, water has nowhere to go and builds up within the gutter or creates ponding on the roof. Debris will cause water to back up and can easily overflow or get under the roof’s membrane, causing damage to the edge of your roof’s surface and the underlying materials.

You will also want to check for leaks around windows and doors. These areas can become compromised due to severe climate change. You will want to check these frequently to make sure they are not damaged and leaking.

Last, check for any appliance and plumbing leaks. Make sure faucets are properly turned off and toilets are not continually running. You can waste 1,000s of gallons with even a tiny leak.


KES Group recommends a walk-through and thorough check of your building at least once a week during the summer months.  Carrying out a regular inspection will ensure that your building is in perfect working condition throughout the summer months. Follow these tips and there will be no issues when everyone is ready to return come September.


Have you got any questions about maintaining your modular classroom or are you interested in modular classroom space for your school? Our team at KES Group has helped numerous schools across the country. To learn more, give us a call on 028 8283 1022 or contact us online today.