modular construction sip panels

What are SIP Panels?

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) consist of an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between two oriented strand boards also known as OSBs. SIPs are used for walls, floors and roofs. SIPS are a high performance building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. The main long-term savings are evident through the significant reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Garden Annexe

Luxury Garden Annexe

Smartbuilds garden annexe is a new state of the art prefabricated modular building designed for additional accommodation in your garden. The annexe is designed and constructed offsite before being delivered to site ready for occupancy.

Get your ‘Smartbuild Salon’

Smartbuilds home salon offers business owners a convenient and affordable solution to their business requirements. With the constant rising of costs, finding a financially friendly solution that is not only ridiculously stylish but extremely energy efficient is the top of everyone's list, right? Smartbuild is here not only to make your life easier but to make your business thrive!!

offsite construction

The ‘SmartBuild’ construction process…

Offsite construction refers to the completion of elements of a construction project at a location different from where it will be installed. As a result, this involves the planning, design and build of the project under controlled conditions. The project is then transported to site before installation. Many question that offsite construction cannot compare with

Heat for Hire Boiler Hire

‘Heat for Hire’ Energi Cabin

KES Group have introduced the very first ‘Heat for Hire’ energi cabin. The ‘Heat for Hire’ boiler hire offers a fast and efficient project managed service at either a fixed monthly fee or a rate per kWh used. We offer a fuel supply on demand and a full training programme on request. The ‘Heat for

ISO Standards 14001 and 9001

ISO Standards

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System KES Group are delighted to have gained the ISO standards for 9001. ISO9001:2015 is the global benchmark for quality management which inspires customer confidence and improves risk management within the workplace. Quality and performance is what sets our SmartBuild and Energi divisions apart from our competition, therefore, it is necessary

granny flats northern ireland

The Perfect Granny Flat

Is SmartBuilds ‘granny flats’ the answer to all your problems? Absolutely. Sharing space under the main roof of the house with relatives can sometimes be too close for comfort, but now with SmartBuilds ‘granny flats’ solution we can offer a convenient and speedy construction process that is complete in an offsite location and delivered in one

Support Scheme Renewable Heat biomass heating system

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

The government have launched a funded support scheme designed to increase the number of renewable sources used within the heat sector. The SSRH will assist Ireland in meeting its 2020 renewable energy targets whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

smart building

Why SmartBuild?

SmartBuild represents the very latest in construction efficiency and environmental consciousness. SmartBuild ultimately has the power to transform the way our clients live, work and do business. SmartBuilds adopts an innovative design and intelligent construction method which makes a smart building extremely convenient and visually appealing.

Bradleys transport office building

SmartBuild contract awarded with Bradley Transport

KES Group secured a contract with Bradley Transport to construct a 1033sqft modular office building. Bradley Transport came to KES Group requesting a state of the art modular office to house, 2 receptions, a conference room, a kitchen, an accessible WC, a store room and a large office.