A 21st century concept

Smartbuild is a revolutionary construction method offering ultimate versatility for work, home or leisure. High performance modular buildings are designed and constructed using SIP Panels in a controlled environment for superior efficiency and adaptability.

For work

The inherent flexibility of Smartbuild makes it an ideal choice for businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors. Swift, hassle-free installation, bespoke design and low running costs make Smartbuild the competitive choice for modular offices.

For play

Suitable for virtually any location, Smartbuild brings a new dimension to the way you live. Installed as a luxurious outdoor room, the fully customisable interior gives unrivalled versatility and comfort for home working, entertainment or leisure.

Proudly local

KES Group delivers a friendly, professional service across the UK and Ireland. Our head office still proudly located in our home village of Drumquin, Co Tyrone, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Omagh, and our regional sub-office in Dublin.

Why SmartBuild?

Conventional methods of construction simply cannot compete with Smartbuild. Smartbuild is an ideal choice for businesses, organisations and individuals that need faster, more efficient solutions to their accommodation requirements.

Constructed off-site and assembled using SIP Panels. Smartbuild is suitable for almost any site. This gives the user incredible freedom whilst ensuring their project stays on time and on budget with no surprises along the way.

An advanced form of timber frame construction, SIP Panels offers all the structural integrity and insulation properties of traditional construction methods while being kind to the environment. Combined with high-spec glazing and doors it creates an exceptionally efficient building envelope that’s easy to run and doesn’t compromise on style.

The future is now

KES Group have almost a decade of experience in the green energy sector. KES Group is an industry leader in eco technology for business and domestic use. In establishing our Smartbuild division we took this expertise to a new level Introducing a solution to the demand for premium quality, relocatable buildings suitable for a range of applications. We firmly believe that increased performance and competitiveness should not come at the expense of the planet. We strive to remain at the cutting edge of eco technology that allows us to deliver impressive savings for our customers, whilst protecting the earth for future generations.

I highly recommend Smartbuild as a construction process. At every stage KES Group worked with me to realise my modular office, fitting it to an excellent finish at their factory facility. I have to say the whole process was stress-free and it was exciting to see the office being craned into location completely ready for purpose…

James Thompson.
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