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In the multi-tasking 21st century home, space is a true luxury. Smartbuilds garden rooms allow you to find the balance between the space we need to live, work and relax, and the space we can afford.

Solutions for living

KES Group brings an exciting solution to the table with Smartbuild. A convenient, low-impact, affordable way to gain valuable space, Smartbuilds garden rooms slot so effortlessly into your life, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

As a gym or yoga studio, a home office or garden room, Smartbuild is infinitely versatile and effortlessly stylish.

Garden Rooms

Future-proof construction

The Smartbuild system has been developed as a result of decades of research into the most efficient and sustainable construction techniques.  Smartbuild is constructed off site, and comprises a cold-rolled steel frame paired with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS). Assembled on site in a matter of hours, Smartbuild eliminates delays due to weather or trades and ensures there are no unexpected costs while creating an exceptionally well-insulated building that is warm, light, and economical to run.

Your Smartbuild, your way

At KES Group, we understand that our clients want more than just extra square footage. They want a building that benefits their lifestyle, and shows personality. Smartbuild offers a completely bespoke granny flat that can be tailored to perfectly meet your needs. With contemporary design and luxury materials, you can create the kind of space you’ve always dreamed of.

Finance options available

Recent Projects

From the functional to the fabulous, we bring the same commitment
and expertise to every project.


KES Group supply and install a wide range of ultra-efficient garden rooms designed to suit your home or business needs.


Our team of specialist Smartbuild designers and engineers is on hand to shape each project for a result that is intuitively unique to each client.


Smartbuild represents the very latest in construction efficiency and environmental consciousness, with the power to transform the way you live, work and do business.


KES Group offers a fully project managed service from beginning to end. Complete with after-sales support offering total peace of mind for our customers.

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