Modular Construction and the Covid-19 Vaccine

We’ve all grown tired of those oft-repeated phrases throughout 2020: ‘the new normal’, ‘stay safe’, ‘stay at home’. KES Group is joining customers and followers in looking forward to when the challenges of Covid-19 have passed – and there’s reason to be hopeful with the rollout of a vaccination programme.  Modular construction has been poised

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Modular Construction: Looking to 2021 & Beyond

2020: it’s been a year of unprecedented challenge for all sectors of industry. This has certainly been the case within construction, which has suffered significant impacts as a result of both the Coronavirus pandemic and a rapidly approaching Brexit. Whilst modular has experienced its setbacks throughout this period, a number of positive developments have suggested

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3 Reasons Why Modular Buildings are Transforming Construction

With the industry facing considerable pressures, consumers have demanded efficient and affordable housing more than ever before. In the latest piece from KES Group, we look at how modular buildings can positively transform the industry.

modular contruction and covid-19

Modular Construction and Covid-19

In a special feature by KES Group, we look at how modular constructions, including SMARTBUILDS, can bring us into a safer and healthier future.

Planning Permission for a Garden Room | SMARTBUILD | KES Group

Planning Permission for a Garden Room

Planning Permission for a Garden Room – Is it required? One of the most frequent questions we are asked is ‘Do I need planning permission for my ‘Garden Room?’ Planning permission is not required provided that… The garden room is used for domestic purposes only The ground area covered by the garden room and any