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Cottage extension, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland
KES Group designed and constructed a small, multi-purpose extension for a traditional country cottage located in Ballyclare.

For many homeowners, the addition of a little extra space is all that’s needed to transform their lifestyle. Modular house extensions allow homeowners to remain in a property and a location they love. The convenience of SmartBuild held huge appeal for the client in this home extension project.

This innovative project fell under permitted development. Permitted development means that planning permission was not required, eliminating considerable time and cost from the build.

KES Group designed a 144 sqft house extension which was constructed in our manufacturing facilities in Omagh. Constructed using a galvanized steel joist system with thick SIP panels proposing high quality insulation and structural properties. Double glazing is used throughout to match the existing build. The exterior of the build is complete with a durable rendered finish which also matches the existing building. Internally the building was equipped with TV and electrical sockets and a radiator. All mechanical and electrical properties are complete by the SmartBuild team at KES Group to ensure the build is ready for use once delivered. The interior design of the extension is finished to the specification of the client.

The art of SmartBuild house extensions is to create a build that slots perfectly into the traditional build. All elements are seemless upon arrival to the site and the delivery and installation process is quick and efficient resulting in a hassle free experience for all our clients.