Pedro Pet Foods

Modular Office Space

Pedro Pet Foods; a leading supplier of pet food in the Irish Market. Located in Strabane, Co Tyrone. Pedro Pet Foods noticed a space problem for their site offices and contacted KES Group’s SmartBuild division to come up with a professional, fast modular office space solution.

Build Specification

KES Group’s SmartBuild division designed a 503sqft SmartBuild to accommodate a four-desk communal workspace, a separate manager’s office, a kitchen and water closet. The build was constructed using SIP Panels.

Structurally Insulated Panels

SIP Panels offer superior insulation and acoustic properties as well as being fire proof, waterproof and rodent proof. Due to the performance of the SIP Panel construction this build meets all fire safety regulations.


This build is equipped with oak effect laminate floor surrounded by skirting boards. The water closet is complete with a waterproof vinyl floor.  Due to this building containing excellent insulation properties, radiators and a high efficiency air conditioning system is fitted to allow Pedro Pet  Foods staff to control the temperature inside the SmartBuild. The main doors are aluminum double glazed with long stainless steel pull handles. Double glazed windows are used throughout with multipoint locking for added security benefits. The kitchen contains a sink complete with taps, waste and electric water heater. The water closet complete with a standard fit toilet, sink including stainless steel taps and a hand dryer. All of our builds are delivered with a full electrical package is included throughout.

Externally, this building is a mix of cedral fibre cement wood effect overlapped boarding with a modern twist steel façade panel. The front of the building has profile flashing at either side of the entrance.


Delivery and installation of this build was complete in one day. All trades are included in the SmartBuild process therefore the building is ready for use once delivered and installed onsite. This SmartBuild project is fully transportable, fully adaptable and is exceptionally future-proof.

Pedro Pet Foods