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Factory floor of offsite construction facility

Is offsite construction the answer to the UK and Ireland’s housing shortage?

It is no secret that with the offsite construction process, it can most certainly play a role in addressing the UK and Ireland’s housing shortage! Government statistics state that the UK needs an additional 120,000 homes each year to overcome the housing shortfall. Where, in Ireland, statistics show that even though there are more new

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP Panels) are a high-performance building material used in the construction of SmartBuild modular buildings.

SIP Panels: What You Need To Know

SIP Panels - also known as structurally insulated panels, consist of a thick layer of insulating foam with a side of oriented strand board to either side. SIPS are the main material used in constructing Smartbuilds. SIPS are an extremely beneficial way of constructing a building. To find out more, click here.

Modular construction for bespoke businesses involves offsite construction

The ‘SmartBuild’ Construction Process

Smartbuild is a unique offsite constructed system. Smartbuilds are constructed using structurally insulated panels which means the insulation properties of smartbuilds are really impressive. The smartbuild process eliminates any factors which may hinder the quality of the final build. Click here to find out more.

KES Group bradley transport modern modular office building

KES Group Secures Bradley Transport Contract

KES Group secured a contract with Bradley Transport to construct a 1033sqft modular office building. Bradley Transport came to KES Group requesting a state of the art modular office to house, 2 receptions, a conference room, a kitchen, an accessible WC, a store room and a large office.